Non-Turkey citizens, usually may be eligible for a Turkish citizenship in two ways. Aliens who request a citizenship must reside in Turkey for 5 years following their application or stay married to a Turkish citizen for 3 years.Due to changes in the Turkish Citizenship Law, foreigners are now able to acquire the Turkish citizenship without having to reside in Turkey or having to wait for long periods.

Turkish Citizenship Law

Changes were introduced to the Turkish Citizenship Law in the Official Gazette on 09.19.2018. Investment costs required for citizenship eligibility were reduced according to the new legislation.

Acquiring citizenship through real estate investment;

Aliens who purchase real estate with the minimum value of USD 250.000 will be directly eligible for Turkish Citizenship with the solle condition of not selling the property for 3 years. They may live in or rent the property meanwhile.

Acquiring citizenship through stock and deposit;

Foreign investors who contract to keep for 3 years a deposit of minimum amount of USD 500.000 or the equivalent amount of TL in banks operating in Turkey will be eligible to acquire citizenship.

The greatest advantage of acquiring the citizenship through these methods is the lack of obligation to reside 3 years in the country.

Application Procedure;

The process is handled by Turkish lawyers subject to the ministry of justice

After purchasing the estate ( with the minimum amount of USD 250.000), the request for citizenship is put in order by an application to the directorate general of land registry and cadastre.

The directorate general of land registry and cadastre confirms the value of the sold estate.

The directorate general of land registry and cadastre approves the application within 3-7 days.

As soon as the application is approved, one may apply to the Immigration Bureau for the residential permit. No appointments are needed.

After the approval of the Immigration Bureau, within the same day, you may apply to the general directorate of civil registration and nationality.

The entire procedure is monitored by the Citizenship Information Offices in Istanbul and Ankara.

Your application will be concluded within 30 days.

Turkish citizenship for family members;

You, your spouse and children under 18 will be eligible for citizenship.

USD 250.000 Threshold;

You may purchase multiple estates with the total value of USD250.000 but may not apply separately. The appraisal by an expertise is required for the directorate general of land registry and cadastre.


Turkey is a secular and democratic country with an Islamic population. It has a liaison role between the Islamic world and other countries.

Its on a strategic land where the three continents intersect.

Its considered among the important countries for agriculture due to its abundant water sources and fertile vast lands.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s data, Turkey was the 10. most attractive touristic spot in 2016.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Turkey has attracted 38,6 million tourists in 2017, bringing a revenue worth of USD 26 billion.

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