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Non-Turkey citizens, usually may be eligible for a Turkish citizenship in two ways. Aliens who request a citizenship must reside in Turkey for 5 years following their application or stay married to a Turkish citizen for 3 years.Due to changes in the Turkish Citizenship Law, foreigners are now able to acquire the Turkish citizenship without having to reside in Turkey or having to wait for long periods.

Turkish Citizenship Law

Changes were introduced to the Turkish Citizenship Law in the Official Gazette on 09.19.2018. Investment costs required for citizenship eligibility were reduced according to the new legislation.

Acquiring citizenship through real estate investment;

Aliens who purchase real estate with the minimum value of USD 250.000 will be directly eligible for Turkish Citizenship with the solle condition of not selling the property for 3 years. They may live in or rent the property meanwhile.

Acquiring citizenship through stock and deposit;

Foreign investors who contract to keep for 3 years a deposit of minimum amount of USD 500.000 or the equivalent amount of TL in banks operating in Turkey will be eligible to acquire citizenship.

The greatest advantage of acquiring the citizenship through these methods is the lack of obligation to reside 3 years in the country.

Real Estate Law

The recent increase of foreign investors made it necessary for new legislation about the subject.

Quid Pro Quo Construction Contracts;

Contract between a landlord and a contract in exchange of a land share; The Contractor pledges to construct a building in exchange of a land share or apartments with his own material. This Contract is combined of two subcontracts and its bound by official form. Drafting this contract imprecisely without consulting legal experts may cause irrevocable damage two both parties.

Sell Promise of Real Estate Contract; Contracts that aims to transfere the estate in the future under the certain conditions stated in the contract. These contracts gives liability to both parties. With these contracts the seller pledges to sell and the buyer pledges to buy a certain estate. Therefore both parties are under debt.

To prevent misconduct, its important that these contracts are drafted by legal experts, providing protection for both parties.

Adequate Pay Suits;

These suits are to collect compensation from usurpers who are using the estate unlawfully and unrightfully against the owners will.

Title deed cancellation suits are suits that helps to re issue title deeds accordingly with facts if they were recorded wrongly in the first place. The court will look for the following in order to proceed with these suits; unlawful adjustment in the title deed record, record in the name of another than the owner, damages to the owners right due to adjustments of records.

Evaluating and adapting rents;

The adaptation of the rent contract suit is filed to adjust the rent contract according to changed circumstances. Evaluating the rent suit is filed in case of dispute on the increase ratio of the rent. Eviction Suits; this suit is exactly what the name suggests.

Commerce and Corporate Law

We provide consultancy for local and foreign firms through establishment, transference, merger, acquisition, contracts or liquidation.

We provide guidance for establishing an anonymous company, limited liability company, foreign company branch, liaison office and free zone companies.

Lawyer Service